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A Land of Paradoxes

At the other end of the world: India. It was difficult for Chahinaz to imagine this country, poor but developed. The issue of women is another Indian paradox: on the one hand, women are worshipped as goddesses of knowledge (Saraswati), wealth (Laxmi) and power (Shakti)... On the other hand, thousands of women suffer domestic violence every day. Thousands of others are burned, poisoned because their dowries are not sufficient, or killed before birth through the technology of sex determination... Of three and a half million elected representatives in India, over a third are now women. Does this mean a shift in attitudes? The Indian director Neelima Mathur takes us to a village in northern India, in the province of Himachal Pradesh, to meet Shakuntala Sharma. At 50, she was elected to the board of her village...


Ofcourse, Climate Change is on everyone’s mind. We are very keen to do a film on the melting glaciers of the Himalaya. Is the world ready to cope with the millions of environmental refugees from China and India as rivers begin to die? Please let us know your interest for further discussion. Two co-directors from China and India are ready to talk about the film.

About Spotfilms
SPOTFILMS was established as an electronic media agency in 1970, with Pramod Mathur as its proprietor. The company has the basic production hardware available in-house. It has technical, editorial and production expertise on staff; as well as a longstanding panel of independent technical and production experts who are hired on contract for different projects.

SPOTFILMS has two main levels of operations as a production house : It takes on complete turn-key projects of documentaries for premier national organisations.

Archive Footage
Our archive is one of the most extensive audiovisual resources in India today. Our collection offers cultural, environmental, reproductive health, ethnographic and other archive material from different parts of India. Most of the material is available for licensing as stock footage for educational use as well as international broadcast. Click to know more.

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